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Selecting the right dispensary to find our medical cannabis products is important. We're proud to support our local Arkansas dispensaries with premium products.

Our products are lab-tested for potency and purity to meet the highest standards of safety. Our goal is to make the best cannabis products on the market.

Check availability through the online portals below.

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Harmony & Nature 

We're passionate about promoting the healing and therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis. Our team of experienced growers are dedicated to cultivating the finest quality of cannabis to ensure every single plant reaches its full potential. With our commitment to sustainability and dedication to our craft, we are certain that you'll love our premium strains of medical cannabis. We love our cannabis plants, and our strains prove it!

Don't have your Medical Cannabis Patient card? It's easy, check out the Arkansas Department of Health site for more information

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Pam B - Alexander, AR

NSM's gummies have changed my entire world. Instead of waking up, taking pain meds, then managing my way through those side effects.... I just eat a gummy in the morning and one at night! 

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Jordan S - Bella Vista, AR

I love trying new bud from Natural State! I'll only go buy from stores I know carry it. I also notice I feel better using NS products which tells me they've got their quality down. 

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Abe S - Little Rock, AR

Long time fan of NSM's raw carts! Might just be me but they hit harder than cheaper carts around. Long time patient from day one and NSM's been my cannabis brand of choice. 

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