NSM aspires to improve life by embracing the new frontier of healthcare, to provide superior, reliable cannabis products with the greatest consistency and the highest pharmaceutical purity. As together we navigate our medical cannabis journey, we promise to continue developing innovations not just for today, but for tomorrow and beyond.

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donna terrell

     Emmy Award winning news anchor and reporter for central Arkansas Fox16 News, Donna's only child, Queah, was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer at 27. Their tragic story is what fuels her to be an advocate of medical marijuana. 




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     Our team of highly, experienced physicians, pharmacists, business professionals, and cannabis cultivators are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest pharmaceutical purity grade products in Arkansas. It is our mission to offer a variety of different strains in a highly controlled environment that will best treat all of our patients. To ensure our visitors optimal accessibility and ease, our professionals have created this site to directly match your patients with their ideal cannabis strain and product for patient’s specific needs.